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Employee Management

Simplify Employee Data Management: All in One Place!

Easily access and organize employee data, records, and documents, Stay on top of expiring documents, never miss important events, celebrate milestones and much more.

Attendance & Live Tracking

Easily Track, Sync, and Analyze!

Track emplyee attendance, Manage records, sync with payroll, and get detailed reports.
Plus, track remote employees like drivers and delegates with our live location feature.

Payroll Management

Forget complex payroll calculations and manual payroll,

Our HR Software simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy every time.
Sync HR records with payroll, automate calculations, and ensure timely payments and payslips.


Leaves Management

Manage Employee Leaves like never before.

Empower your employees with the best hr software to request various types of leaves.
With just a click, you can manage and approve their requests.

Explore the Power of AI

Insightful Reports via WhatsApp

Get clear reports into your team's presence, and requests directly to you via WhatsApp, ensuring you're always the first to know and respond.

Creative Email Composition

Our AI capabilities helps you create email content that perfectly suits the purpose and recipient.

Easy Document Creation

Author documents like a pro, Whether it's company policies, employee handbooks, or performance reports.

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