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Uploading and Managing Files

Upload, Manage and Edit files directly.

Easy Upload Options

Nmo ai storage

Users can quickly upload files either through drag-and-drop functionality or traditional file selection methods, streamlining the process of adding documents and storage.

Nmo ai storage
Nmo ai storage

File Editing

Nmo ai storage

Once uploaded, files can be opened and edited directly within the platform, ensuring that the most current version is always at hand.

Organize Files

كيفية رفع وتحميل وادارة الملفات الى التخزين السحابي من نمو

Users can create folders and subfolders, enabling them to organize files systematically. This feature is particularly useful for categorizing different types of company documents.

تخزين سحابي - تحميل وادارة الملفات بخطوات بسيطة

Why choose NMO Storage?

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you.

AI powered

Stay ahead of the curve with our software's innovative features powered with AI.

Cloud-Based Capabilities

Our software is cloud-based. You can access your HR management system anytime, anywhere, from any device.

ادارة الموظفين - ادارة اعضاء الفريق