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POS System

Easy to use POS System for Your Business, Take Control, Anywhere, Anytime

Get the best POS system


Enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-based system!! Manage your entire business, from multiple branches, online or offline, right on your mobile phone.
Track sales, profits, orders,and inventory all in
real-time, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making.


Dual User Roles in our POS System


Managing a busy restaurant requires a smooth workflow and task management. Our point-of-sale (POS) system empowers you with the dual user roles feature, providing the perfect solution:

1. Cashier: This role handles core functions like processing customer payments, managing orders, and taking inventory.
2. Sub-cashier: Performing tasks like order preparation, customer service, and managing cash drawers.

Seamless Integration


Integrate seamlessly with your kitchen staff, ensuring clear and accurate order communication, minimizing delays and mistakes. Adapt the system to your specific needs and grow seamlessly as your business expands.


- Manage inventory: Track ingredients, suppliers, and prevent stockouts.
- Build customer loyalty: Implement targeted promotions and loyalty programs.
- Generate detailed reports: Gain valuable insights into your business performance.

NMO AI Printer

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Why choose NMO Business?

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you.

AI powered

Stay ahead of the curve with our software's innovative features powered with AI.

Cloud-Based Capabilities

Our software is cloud-based. You can access your HR management system anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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