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Powerful Marketing Suite Built into Your CRM

Create personalized coupons and discounts

Create personalized coupons and discounts

Create targeted promotions with personalized coupons and discounts based on customer data, boosting sales and satisfaction.

Create personalized coupons and discounts

Valuable customer insights

Gather feedback easily through surveys to understand customer needs and preferences, allowing for continuous improvement.

Publish banners/pop ups

Captivating customer engagement: Grab attention with eye-catching banners and pop-ups that showcase targeted offers to the right customers at the right time


Enhanced targeting with add-on pixels


Gain valuable user data like device type, location, and if your visitors are coming from a paid search on Google, Twitter, or Facebook. to refine your targeting and optimize ROI. You can even use them to find out the best time of the day for ROI and the most engaging audience.

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Customer Support

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AI powered

Stay ahead of the curve with our software's innovative features powered with AI.

Cloud-Based Capabilities

Our software is cloud-based. You can access your HR management system anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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