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Inventory Management

Get the best Inventory Management for Your Restaurant

Real-Time Inventory Accuracy

Businessman checking inventory in minimart on touchscreen tablet

Link raw materials with recipes, gain a clear and accurate picture of your entire inventory, automatically synchronizing with sales and statistics.
Eliminate manual tracking and errors with real-time updates as ingredients are used in each sale.

Businessman checking inventory in minimart on touchscreen tablet
Smart Alerts & Reordering

Smart Alerts & Reordering

Smart Alerts & Reordering

Never run out again, set customizable low-stock alerts that automatically notify you when it's time to reorder, ensuring you always have the ingredients you need.
Predict future needs with ingredient usage forecasts, predicting how long your stock will last based on recipe usage.

Reduce Waste & Boost Profits

Define and track expiration dates to prevent spoilage and optimize ingredient usage.
generate detailed reports on inventory trends, helping you identify popular dishes and optimize your menu.
Reduce unnecessary purchases and maximize profitability with smarter inventory management.

- Monitor ingredient costs and calculate recipe profitability.
- Track and analyze food waste to identify areas for improvement.
- Gaining valuable insights into your inventory trends to optimize your menu and purchasing decisions.

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